Surf started in Itacaré on 1975 by surfers from Salvador (Bahia state capital) . These surfers were searching for places with good condition for surfing. They had already surfed the Bahia state north coast and also Ilhéus (nearby Itacaré city) beaches. But they were still looking for a special place with more powerful and perfect surfing conditions. After watching a map they realized that Itacaré could be a good surfing place due to its location at the Contas River mouth. So they decided to organize a surf trip to this region.

Cly Loylie at Tiririca - foto: Carlos Suarez- 75
Cly Loylie at Tiririca - foto: Carlos Suarez - 75

The group drove through the old not paved road and, after hours dealing against holes and rocks, they taught that they where lost. They just could see the dirty road snaking the Atlantic rainforest but suddenly the sightseeing of Itacaré and the river mouth appeared and their dreams started to be true.

Cly Loylie at Tiririca - foto: arquivo Cly Loylie

They asked to some fisherman about the location of the beach and the locals showed them the way to Concha Beach. But Concha beach is protected from the waves by the lighthouse break wall, so they were sad and disappointed.

Then one of the surfers walked to the end of the beach and discovered Sororocuçu reef break pumping incredible waves.

They were surprised by the power, perfection and beauty of the waves that they discovered. The hills and cliffs covered by the rainforest showed them that finally they discovered a special place for surfing

After days surfing in Itacaré, they went back to Salvador and told to their friends about Itacaré and its waves.

Ronaldo Fadul at Tiririca - foto: Cly Loylie

These pionners of the first trip were Carlos and Mario Suarez, Hernane Castro, Carlos Paulista, Mario Cabral Filho and Cly Loylie.

Cly, one of the best young surfers of this period, told to his close friend Ronaldo Fadul about their discover. So, Cly Loylie and the kneeboarder Ricardo Gaucho went to Itacaré again.

After his first trip Ronaldo Fadul, one of the best surfers from Bahia decided to move to Itacaré to live a layback life surfing, fishing and sailing.

Fadul was from a rich family so his decision and the constant surf trips realized by the pionners to Itacaré, showed to all the other surfers that Itacaré was the place to be visit. More and more surfers used to travel to Itacaré and motivated the young locals to start surfing. Caneta, Tubão, Bocais, Luizão, Carlinhos, Elias, Silu are the first native surfers.

Tubão - 80´s

These early travellers used to camp with tents or rented rooms at the fishermans houses because there were no hostels or campings.

By this time surfers had an ´´Old Father`` in Itacaré. Seo Joaquin was the only habitant located at the surfing beaches who befriended every surfer, and told many tales under moonlight before Itacaré became a renowed surfer and backpacker town. Then hostels and surf camps where created, the road from Ilheus was paved in 1998 and Itacaré became the highlight of the south Bahia tourism.

Local and State championships were developed at Tiririca beach and in 1989 the local surfing association (A.S.I) was created consolidating the Surfing Sport like the main Itacaré economic developer and tourist promoter.


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