Inside the tube at Tiririca


Tow in at Pico Alto - Peru

Junior Pico Alto

Front Side roller at Tiriricajunior_batida

Junior Sampaio is one of the best local surfers.

He is one of the most traveled and experienced Bahia´s surfers.

Junior Sampaio arrived in Itacaré on 1985 searching for an laidback life with great surfing conditions.

He has been traveling for the main world surf places to test his abilities and promotes Itacaré´s beauties.

Personal History

Started in Salvador city and arrived in Itacaré on 1985
Travels : Brasilian Coast, Peru, Chile, Central America , Mexico, Indonesia, Canary Islands, Senegal, East Timor
Famous Waves Surfed : El Colegio, La Bestia, El Gringo, Pico Alto, Punta Rocas,La Santa, La Graciosa, Oukam, La Libertad, Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Desert Point, Farol de Itapoan.
Preferred Itacaré´s waves:
Tiririca and Boca da Barra.
Shapers: Many shapers like
Ricardo Martins and Beto Santos
Preferred Manouvers :
Tubes and Roundhouse Cutback
Future Targets: Tow-in surf

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